10 Travel Movies That Inspire.

Whether it be popcorn or a glass of wine, we all like to watch movies in our own way and sometimes these motion pictures transport us to another realm. Is it possible that some movies can inspire you to do exactly that? Transport us physically. Who knows, maybe you will think of a next travel [...]

Why #PerthIsOk

G`day ! G`day! How ya goin`?!I don't really recall people saying that when I was in Australia. Actually, the "How you going?" was frequently used, at least from what I remember when I lived in Perth. There was a particular accent to get used to in the beginning, and of course it varied from West, [...]

Backpacking The South Island : New Zealand

Roy`s Peak, Wanaka A month before my working holiday visa ended in New Zealand, I decided to travel the South Island for a about four weeks with my partner. Although, we had stayed in Auckland for nearly a year, we never really took the time to get to know the country as we were working [...]

17 days in the Northern regions of Argentina by bus.

Back in October 2018, I traveled  a bit of the Northern areas of Argentina with a friend that I had met back in Australia. We met up in Buenos Aires, flew to Puerto Iguazu and took the bus to Salta, Jujuy and Mendoza. We said our goodbyes in Mendoza, where he flew back home and [...]

A Photographers Diary: Road Trip To Africa Part V.

The glories of traveling with a bunch of crazy Frenchies on a road trip for three months in North Western Africa! You create this solid bond with some and sometimes want to accidentally forget someone on the road, accidentally of course.One time, one guy (which shall not be named, but he knows who he is), [...]

B&W Film Africa

A glimpse of emotions throughout a lens.All photos taken with my Nikon FE or Nikon F501. Developed in the back of the Renault Camiva and photo printing back in Canaules, France at Atelier Nomade by me. Photos from the Saga Africa story.  Frame. Latakaff, Mali Bathing. Segou, Mali Bicycle shop. Nioro, Mali Girls. Nioro, Mali [...]

A Photographers Diary: Road Trip To Africa Part IV

After dropping off young Yuma back to her family in Debekouroumba, we, Atelier Nomade headed off to Nioro. We encountered our first local watering hole, where we stopped for a few cold ones. They had large bottled Castel Beers. The bar had a large concrete terrace with low chairs, that is where the twenty of [...]